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Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers the opportunity to streamline operations quickly and efficiently through connection of the CNC machines and systems above the shop floor, allowing you to leverage the insights given to optimize and fix what needs attention.


In the not-so-distant future, most manufacturing operations will be seamlessly connected wirelessly or wired to create data exchange.. This is true Industry 4.0 and it’s based on lean, efficient operations in order to sustain or advance manufacturing capabilities

Industry 4.0 refers to the importance of lean, efficient operations and the role of sustaining and advancing manufacturing. IIoT platforms distinguish between consumer devices that wirelessly connect with internal networks as well as external connections (i.e., IoT) – while industry 4.0 focuses on production efficiency in factories.

Investment in smart plant engineering and manufacturing is a strategic decision to manage assets, personnel, customer service, products, and quality. While each business has its own reasons for investing in IIoT (commonly inferred as Industry 4.0), it ultimately boils down to innovation and efficiency – which may seem like an oxymoron when talking about the industrial age.

Shop Floor Visibility driving force behind Industry 4.0

The ways you can interpret the data given to you by your connected machines are infinite. This means there are limitless benefits for improving processes in your factory and exceed even that of bigger competitors with innovation processes such as industry 4.0 resources in place now.

Industry 4.0 are trends that converge to create a large information network, where data is collected and analyzed for the purpose of improving productivity and efficiency at every stage of production.

Excellerant creates an efficient ecosystem of humans, machines, software, and process which allows you to leverage this new technology to grow your business exponentially.



Improve your factory by familiarizing yourself with new data resources. Consider increasing the synergy between machines and workers to avoid stagnation and drive innovation.


Improve your factory by familiarizing yourself with new data resources. Consider increasing the synergy between machines and workers to avoid stagnation and drive innovation.


Sometimes an area of your manufacturing business may typically plateau. But by watching what is happening in other areas, you can see the growth that you could never have predicted before.


Learn from past data, current issues, and downtime across the factory floor to more effectively test new procedures. You’ll be less afraid to try something new in a smart factory!

Automate and connect nearly any machine found in today's manufacturing spaces

Excellerant manufactures software that is designed to connect the internet of things (IoT) through a single set of hardware. Our technology can connect nearly any machine found in a manufacturing space, including CNC machines, stamping machines, presses, injection molders, lathes, mills and assembly stations.

We provide the hardware, software, and cloud service; you don’t have to worry about hiring a team of engineers to design a custom solution or schedule time-consuming site visits to your facility, saving valuable time and money.

Secure cloud IIOT platform

We run on a secure cloud platform where you can access your data from anywhere. Not only do we connect with major enterprise software platforms, but we have also made it easy to import and export data into enterprise systems (ERP/MES) like SAP or Oracle, further streamlining data collection.

Visualize your Data

Records show that the technology used by manufacturers today is very isolated; machines are typically connected through a proprietary interface system which is not shared between applications. There is a significant amount of need for data aggregation and visualization, effectively making all this technology and hardware completely worthless.

Ease the strain on IT departments

We make it easy to connect the internet of things (IoT) across manufacturing floors through a single set of hardware – no networking knowledge necessary! We take the time and expense out of the process of installing hardware connections for your machines.

Excellerant - Manufacturing Technology. Simplified.

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Excellerant’s reporting capabilities empower you to monitor factory efficiency from anywhere in the world. We’ll showcase universal machine connectivity and present our features in a presentation of the system. Learn how to optimize production, get a better handle on the big picture in IIoT and Industry 4.0, and explore ways to leverage your business with state-of-the-art technology.