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Improve your shop’s productivity with Excellerant’s best-in-class DNC software and networking solutions.

Network Your Shop Floor with Excellerant DNC Software

Excellerant DNC connects your shop floor with a centralized system for NC file management, that can work wired or wirelessly with any CNC machine tool. Remotely send, receive, transfer, and drip-feed files to multiple CNC machines simultaneously.

Excellerant DNC

Improve Your Shop’s Productivity

Considering the amount of file transfers even small machine shops make per day, having an operator or programmer walk to-and-from a CNC with external devices (like USB drives or PCMCIA cards) causes a significant amount of machine idle time and non-productivity each year. And since many CNCs are limited in their internal memory capacity, waiting for a programmed NC file to be loaded or drip-fed to each machine one-at-a-time can cause massive production delays.

With Excellerant DNC software, operators always have the latest NC file revisions available at each machine, and you can drip-feed multiple CNC machines simultaneously, saving your team thousands of dollars in recovered machine idle time.

WireFreeCNC WF3

Connect Your Entire Shop

The Excellerant team has spent the last 30 years DNC networking thousands of machine tools across hundreds of manufacturing plants. We have the expert knowledge needed to network any mix of CNC machines, modern or legacy.

Whether you want to expand an existing wired DNC network, or are looking to add a wireless DNC adaptor to an older RS232 serial connection, we have the tools and experience you need.

Excellerant DNC hardware is plug-and-play ready for both modern machine connections and older serial protocols, such as MTConnect, OPC UA, Fanuc Focas, HAAS MNET, and Mazak Mazatrol. Our Open API support ensures any peripheral system can connect, as well.

Modern DNC Software Designed for Speed, Simplicity, and Communication

Excellerant DNC features a modern design that scales perfectly to any device size – desktop, tablet, or mobile. Our streamlined user interface is completely touch-accessible, and simple to use for even new operators and programmers.

Simple Deployment and User Management

Requiring only a single server install, our browser-based client can be accessed by an unlimited number of devices across any operating system – Windows, Android, MacOS, or iOS. Managing users and permissions is simple with Active Directory integration, and you can easily group machines by cell so that users only see the CNCs they are responsible for managing.

Powerful and Intuitive NC File Management

With Excellerant DNC, NC file management is simple. Programmers can easily see which machines have sent back files from the floor for review, and our One-Click G-Code compare pairs perfectly with our in-browser NC editor or your favorite external editor.

Bridging the Shop-Floor with the Top-Floor

Built on top of our Excellerant IIoT platform, DNC operators and CNC programmers have access to our context-aware chat module that simplifies communication between the top-floor and the shop-floor. Machine, tooling, and job information can be integrated directly with your existing MES (manufacturing execution system) or ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.

Upgrade Your DNC Software to Include Machine Monitoring

Excellerant DNC software is available as an independent stand-alone license and utilizes the same lighting-fast and secure IIoT hardware as the rest of our Excellerant platform. With a strong hardware network in place, upgrading to our advanced machine monitoring license can be done at any time!

Our DNC and MDC solutions are tightly integrated and allow for seamless data synchronization within the same client interface. If you aren’t yet ready to implement a full Industry 4.0 solution, Excellerant DNC offers a great way to start connecting your shop floor with a clear upgrade path for the future.

Standards Compliant NC File Revisions and Process Management Tools

Excellerant DNC is the preferred choice for many aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturers whose customers require adherence to strict quality and compliance standards. Our IIoT platform was designed to give you the control and organization needed to be 100% secure and compliant with quality and defense standards such as ISO 9000 and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

Since confidentiality is essential when handling sensitive customer information and drawings, our user permissions were built to be highly customizable. Excellerant DNC ensures files remain secure and access is only passed to authorized machine operators and programmers. Our Active Directory integration makes managing group permissions both simple and consistent across your entire organization.

Our optional Rev-Lock-Load feature limits each CNC machine to a single program request and requires the program to be sent back to the server before accessing a new program. This ensures compliance with any one-program-per-machine requirements your quality process may require.

Best-in-Class DNC Software Features

Unlimited Client Access

Add additional users or devices at any time with individual permissions control and Active Directory integration.

Connect to Any CNC

Both modern and legacy machine tools are supported across dozens of protocols and connection types.

ERP and MES Integration

Our Open API enables 2-way data synchronization between all your manufacturing software systems.

Powerful IT Tools

Per machine event logging and device connectivity history gives your IT team the tools and insights they need.

First-Class Technical Support

Our USA based technical support team is available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

Active Feature Development

Our DNC software is always kept up-to-date with new features regularly added based on user feedback.

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