Machine Monitoring Data insights for Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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OEE Machine Monitoring for Increased Productivity

OEE has become the standard metric in manufacturing that takes into account how well production equipment performs across a factory floor. OEE breaks down performance by splitting it up into three measurable components:


Discover potential time delays or downtime.


Detect defects in what has been produced.


Measure your yield rates.

If one component becomes too low on this scale then it’s worth investing more attention onto those particular parts until they reach their optimal level again within the industry-standard range for these metrics.

Measure the efficiency of your business using OEE Software

There are a number of ways that OEE can be measured. For example, you could measure availability by recording how much time each piece of production equipment used to create products was offline for routine maintenance and setup, breakdowns, etc.

Another way would be to look at whether every assembly line had the right amount of parts in stock so that production could keep going. The second aspect of quality would be reviewed in this case by looking at whether the right percentage of products are coming off the production line with defects, so you can ensure they don’t make it to a customer.

On the performance side, OEE is used to measure yield rates from different assembly lines. If one assembly line is making fewer products than the others, it needs to be reviewed and optimized. In order to remove waste from your process flow, you need to have metrics in place that can measure them for you so that they can be improved.

Benefits of using machine monitoring software for OEE

OEE software doesn’t just measure OEE, it also helps you to see where measurement of your overall machine utilization can be taken even further by watching the data that goes into the calculation. These metrics are important because they will give you data on areas where progress in business is being made or lost. Using OEE software for machine monitoring will give you a much bigger picture of how all your machines are performing over time.

In order to use OEE data effectively, Machine Monitoring Software offers insights previously unavailable by tracking the performance of each machine in real-time and allowing for more effective quality management, preventative maintenance, and asset utilization.

Tracking OEE allows you to do the following:

  • Save time and money by receiving real-time status of all your machines at any given moment.
  • Build a performance culture that’s essential to ensure you have maximum productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Machine Monitoring can help you to improve your OEE outcomes in three ways:

  • Improving the quality of your production
  • Reducing your costs. You can predict machine failures, preventing delays, and reduced productivity from downtime.
  • Generating more and better information to make informed decisions that will help you grow in a sustainable way.

How tracking OEE improves machine success

In order to use this information for improvement, you need the right data management system and tools to help you trend your success or failure over time. These insights will show what adjustments can be made to improve shop-floor operations so that your company can stay in business and grow profitably.

Successful companies keep a continuous eye on their OEE, not only as a means of helping to understand the impact they have on customers and suppliers, but because it can help them to improve the overall efficiency of their processes. OEE is an important metric for monitoring machine performance in any industry.

Features of OEE machine monitoring include:

  • Production data, analytics, and visuals come together to help you optimize your plant’s performance

  • Assess operator productivity using hardware, firmware, and software all connected to the machine

  • Cost-effective, and compatible with all machines – CNC, non-CNC, PLC, presses, injection molding, etc.

Benefits of OEE software include:

  • Able to identify problems fast to Eliminate the non-productive labor and errors of manual data collection.

  • Determine real job standards to help improve your job costing process by analyzing causes for Downtime and Rejects — then eliminating them

  • Real-time knowledge of what is happening on the shop floor giving usage-based preventative maintenance minimizes job interruptions due to breakdowns.

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