CNC Machine Monitoring and Data Collection Software

Excellerant uses real-time cnc machine data to connect and integrate your entire manufacturing process by providing a production monitoring system designed to reduce downtime and streamline your operations.

Excellerant has simplified IoT for the shop floor.

Our fully automated CNC machine monitoring software provides visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data, instant notifications, as well as historical analytics, allowing factory workers to make faster and smarter decisions based on their true productivity.

Our solution enables shop-floor level, real-time data visibility to increase ROI and maximize production efficiency. With Excellerant’s IoT Manufacturing Productivity software, manufacturers can analyze trends in total effective equipment Performance (TEEP), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), visualize manufacturing production performance metrics like Throughput & Cycle Time in real-time, as well as empower managers and CNC operators to quickly self-diagnose and troubleshoot production performance issues.

Utilize real-time machine data to streamline your manufacturing process.

Using two approaches, we will ultimately help manufacturers better understand production patterns, as well as their potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Of course, these features are offered to our customers (as part of Excellerant’s commitment to making manufacturing smarter).

Our combination of features makes Excellerant the only industrialized system that can monitor operation metrics in real-time, as well as at the same time work with existing legacy systems. Our technology also provides the ability to “push” data to any connected device no matter where it is located – whether that be a personal phone or tablet, or even an enterprise system such as SAP or Oracle.

How Machine Monitoring Works?

A CNC machine monitoring system that automatically collects and archives CNC machine data is key to creating a manufacturing process that benefits from machine software. A CNC machine monitoring software platform allows for the real-time visualization of CNC machining job status and can be used as an integral part of any manufacturing, programming, or tooling application.

Modern CNC machines are controlled by sophisticated computers and PLC (programmable logic controller) systems, capable of collecting enormous amounts of valuable computerized data. The collected data is aimed at maximizing productivity and improving the quality of your products through more effective CNC machining strategies. With this modern era of technology comes the ability to capture CNC machine data and pass it along for analysis, insight, and action.

Benefits of our CNC machine Monitoring Software

Save money by reducing operational costs.

Excellerant is scalable from a single machine to an entire facility. We offer On Premise and SaaS-based solutions that allows businesses to easily reduce their manufacturing cycles, while also making producers more efficient. This results in cost savings through lower production times, less downtime, and higher overall plant efficiencies.

Keep more of your profits.

Excellerant is a software solution that puts the power back in the hands of factory-floor managers by providing them with real-time data, enabling them to quickly identify issues before they escalate into costly problems. This also allows Excellerant's customers to be more proactive in their decision-making and, therefore, be able to retain or even earn more of their profits.

Ensure your products are always up for sale.

Excellerant provides real-time notification so alerts can be sent out when issues arise, ensuring that factory workers will have the information needed to resolve issues before they bite into production times. This ultimately increases profitability by ensuring that machines are up and running while the manufacturing line is generating revenue, instead of sitting idle due to lack of insight into the data.

Detect every issue so you can fix it faster.

Excellerant offers 24/7 monitoring services, including our predictive rule engine that incorporates machine data into our analytics suite, providing complete visibility into production. This allows us to notify a factory manager whenever an issue arises. Our software then alerts workers of the issues immediately through the Excellerant mobile app, as well as provides onsite technicians (if they are available) with the information needed to fix problems faster.

Reduce the cost of fixing your equipment.

As Excellerant continues to lower operational costs by maximizing uptime, it also helps businesses avoid the unnecessary downtime that is caused by broken or malfunctioning machines. This ultimately cuts down on costs related to machinery replacement and repairs, which means you'll have more cash flow available for other operations

Real-Time Monitoring Solutions for increased productivity

Do you need real-time data on the work floor? We can put together a package that monitors production through software, hardware, or custom application macros. You’ll be able to increase uptime and introduce new ideas with factory information.

Our machine monitoring software package is designed to offer a flexible CNC machining platform that can be customized to meet the needs of your CNC manufacturing facility. Providing data collection in an easy-to-use CNC machining application with CNC programming capabilities by surrounding your precision CNC machines with our CNC programming devices and giving real-time access to this valuable data through our CNC Machine Monitoring & IIoT Platform, you are empowering yourself with information that can deliver competitive advantage through better-informed business decisions.

Ready to Connect and Integrate your shop floor?

Your factory is looking for a central manufacturing platform that connects and integrates all of your machine tools, integrates real-time data in and out of your ERP, and simplifies collaboration across the whole plant.

How machine monitoring saves money and increases CNC machine productivity


Cut down costs on travel time and to CNC Machine Location; this eliminates unnecessary trips from the CNC Machine to the MES or ERP system as everything is linked together in an instant.


Cuts down on unnecessary need to chase machines for information, get notified instantly. CNC Machine operators can then choose to answer the alert, on their CNC Machines or phones.


Cuts down on CNC Software Upgrades and machine downtime due to updates; these are performed remotely eliminating CNC Machine downtime. Our CNC Software eliminates production losses and costly upgrades from remote machine tools, reducing costs of software upgrades due to recovery time or remote intervention


CNC Machine Operator Training is less expensive since machine technicians are alerted when CNC Software changes or other maintenance needs arise. Machines require less training from machine operators.


Reduces human error of cnc machine operators who incorrectly load programs into cnc machines, as cnc runs cycle count is automatically tracked and CNC Machine alerted when a program has been loaded more than once.

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