Unify and Secure your DNC Software 

Enjoy enhanced collaboration between your programmers and machine operators, while staying cyber-secure within OEM and CMMC guidelines.
Unify & Secure Your DNC Software

We’re halfway through our 6 Weeks of Collaborative Manufacturing! This week we dive into some of the cooperative features included in Excellerant’s integrated DNC system. 

DNC revision control, simplified. 

While programmers do their best to provide final NC files to the shop floor, experienced operators will often make minor changes to optimize the code for each machine. 

Without a DNC system, tracking these revisions is a major hassle. Files are often spread across your shop on multiple computers, and revision control is entirely manual – relying on operators to physically return any changes they may have made. 

Excellerant DNC makes every part of your NC file management faster and easier. Our collaborative platform ensures you’re always running the latest versions of your NC files. Any revisions made during a job are automatically flagged for review by your programming team. If changes are saved, your original file is safely archived for future reference!

Cooperate with your entire supply chain.

Our focus on collaboration doesn’t end with programmers and operators. Excellerant is dedicated to cooperation throughout the entire supply chain, including OEMs and governmental bodies. 

DNC that follows major OEM guidelines.

Once a part has been approved by your customer, they expect perfection from every run. That’s why most major OEMs require their suppliers to use a DNC system, banning the use of USB drives on the shop floor entirely. This ensures correct revision control practices are followed and protects their intellectual property from leaving the shop via USB. 

Excellerant DNC is the preferred choice for many aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturers whose customers require adherence to strict quality and compliance standards. Our collaborative revision control process is fully compliant with major OEM requirements, as well as top quality and defense standards, such as ISO AS9100, 13485, 9001, and CMMC. And, of course, no USB drives are needed. 

Ensure your DNC is cybersecurity compliant. 

New government regulations require compliance with a variety of cybersecurity standards, including Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Even if you aren’t contracting with government agencies directly, all sub-contractors in the DoD supply chain must be CMMC compliant. 

Ensuring and maintaining this compliance can be challenging. Most DNC systems were not built with these standards in mind, nor will they be updated to meet them. 

Upgrading to Excellerant DNC is the easiest way to ensure compliance with CMMC and NIST requirements. Our software is built with a security-first mindset and will continue to be updated to meet and exceed cybersecurity standards.

Who knew cooperating with OEM and governmental regulations could be so simple?

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