Celebrating 6 Weeks of Collaborative Manufacturing

In the weeks leading to IMTS 2022, Excellerant is highlighting collaboration within manufacturing! This first week we ask the question, "What is Collaborative Manufacturing?"
Celebrating 6 Weeks of Collaborative Manufacturing

At the beginning of 2022, Excellerant refocused our machine monitoring software to prioritize an often-neglected aspect of smart manufacturing – people. People, not machines, are at the backbone of every manufacturing process.

As manufacturing increases in complexity, roles have become specialized to the point where it’s impossible for one individual to be proficient in all areas. Cross-department collaboration and teamwork is more essential than ever.

Two co-workers, one male, one female, are working together inside a high-tech manufacturing plant. They wear high visibility jackets and white hardhats. The woman is pointing to a computer screen pointing something out to the man.

What is Collaborative Manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 promises to destroy information silos and connect both machines and data in a way that was previously impossible. But smart manufacturing needs to go beyond data. We need to connect people in a way that empowers teamwork and a spirit of collaboration. This teamwork is exactly what Excellerant hopes to inspire with our Collaborative Manufacturing Platform™.

While i4.0 and smart manufacturing are hyper-focused on technology and industrial connections (IIoT), collaborative manufacturing focuses on the people the technology and data should be helping.

As a Collaborative Manufacturing Platform™, Excellerant doesn’t just collect machine data – we automatically synchronize and display that data in a way that is human-readable and actionable. We also include vital communication tools that keep your teams up to date between departments and across shifts.

In the weeks leading to IMTS 2022, we’ll be exploring several aspects of collaborative manufacturing. From practical tools that we’ve included within Excellerant, to what it means to cultivate a culture of collaboration within your team!

6 Weeks of Collaborative Manufacturing Topics

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