Beyond Paperless: Improve Your Shop’s Accuracy, Speed, and Communication [On-Demand Webinar]

Explore the benefits of moving your CNC machine shop to a paperless Industry 4.0 platform.
Beyond Paperless Excellerant Webinar

Use real-time machine data to enhance your shop floor.

Many manufacturers still rely on traditional pen-and-paper solutions. ERP systems try to digitize some tasks, but still rely on manual data entry. A true Industry 4.0 solution goes beyond adding tablets to the shop floor—it means collecting data directly from your machine tools.

Join Excellerant as we share practical examples of how your shop can turn IIoT-powered manufacturing into a competitive advantage.

Full Webinar Topic Agenda:

  • We start by highlighting some of the typical benefits of going paperless. In particular, we look at increased Accuracy, Speed, and Communication across your shop floor.
  • We review each of these aspects from both the traditional and then digital perspectives. But then, we go a step further by exploring how Industry 4.0 technology and the Industrial Internet of Things allows us to go far beyond what was available back in the early 2000s.
  • We also share some customer stories and practical examples of how your shop can turn paperless manufacturing into a competitive advantage.

Preview Clips:

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"You're hiding parts from us!" - Excellerant Customer Story

Excellerant’s direct from machine data helps resolve an ongoing dispute between shop management and the operators.

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"Wow! You guys really need this." - Excellerant Chat System

How our customer’s creative use of a “Notes” field inspired Excellerant’s manufacturing chat system.

View the full webinar via Modern Machine Shop:

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