Machine Monitoring is Simple [On-Demand Webinar]

Forget the buzzwords! Machine monitoring doesn't need to be hard.
Machine Monitoring is Simple

Solve everyday problems in real job shops

Do you want to make sure your jobs are on track? That you quoted enough machine time? Are you an NC programmer that wants to keep track of file changes? In this webinar you will learn machine monitoring basics and make sure your shop isn’t left behind.

In this webinar Excellerant will show you how machine monitoring can make your work life easier and more fun.

Full Webinar Topic Agenda:

  • Track and store file changes between operators and programmers
  • Ensure your jobs are running quickly and efficiently
  • Compare your actual machine time to your quoted time
  • Demo a few simple dashboards that will make your work life easier and more profitable

Preview Clips:

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"What's going on in my shop?!" - Using Excellerant's Andon Board

Excellerant’s Andon Board lets you “walk the shop” from anywhere! Sue and Al explain how this simple “bird’s-eye-view” gives you powerful insights at a glance.

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One-Click G-Code Compare and Revision Control - Excellerant DNC

What happens to your NC files when operators make changes on the shop floor? With Excellerant you can easily review and save these changes for the next run!

View the full webinar via Modern Machine Shop:

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