Accurate, Real-Time Data for Your ERP Software

Share accurate data with your entire shop.

It’s Week 5 of our Celebration of Collaborative Manufacturing! This week we look at Excellerant’s ERP software integration and how real-time machine data can empower both your shop floor and front office staff.

Quote and Schedule with Confidence

Most manufacturers use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage jobs, quotes, and production schedules. But your ERP is only as powerful as the data you feed it.

ERP software relies on accurate shop-floor data for quoting and scheduling. Handwritten errors in part counts or cycle times can have a massive impact on your bottom line. If these mistakes aren’t found and corrected, your shop will lose money on future quotes.

Excellerant ensures accurate shop data by tracking part counts and cycle times straight from your machines. We then translate this data into a language your ERP software can understand. With accurate, direct-from-machine data, your team can be confident in their future quotes and schedules.

Beyond Machine Data Collection

Excellerant’s MDC (Machine Data Collection) hardware can be configured to capture uptime, part counts, cycle times, and more from both modern and legacy machines. With modern machines, we even capture high-resolution performance data, like your CNC’s current feed rate.

For data that requires human context, we mount touch-friendly tablets to each machine. In a few taps, operators can easily add contextual notes to downtime events and scrap reasons.

We offer out-of-the-box integration with several popular ERPs, along with an Open API to connect to others. With real-time, two-way ERP synchronization, Excellerant eliminates information silos and connects your teams like never before.

Dan Villemaire, C&M Precision Tech

“The accuracy of information that’s coming into our ERP system is exponentially better than what it was before. We have been able to improve the accuracy of our costs and increase our value to our customers.”

— Dan Villemaire, C&M Machine Products
Production Machining Magazine

Collaborative OEE and Quality Improvement

Part counts and cycle times are just one part of the equation. Your shop’s OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) also depends on your output quality and material waste.

ERP systems traditionally track scrap via handwritten notes from operators or QA teams. The paper nature of this data makes it inherently difficult to analyze scrap patterns or discover root causes.

Excellerant automates the quality improvement process by collecting scrap quantities and reasons via machine data and operators directly. Our built-in historical reports let team leaders track scrap reasons over time, between machines, and even across shifts.

Objective data makes it simple to identify and collaboratively tackle key areas of quality improvement.

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