Inspire a Culture of Collaborative Improvement

Inspire a Culture of Collaborative Improvement

This week marks the final week of our Celebration of Collaborative Manufacturing, leading to IMTS 2022!

In previous weeks we focused on specific tools that empower collaboration. This week we explore ways that Excellerant shifts your company culture to one of collaborative improvement.

Objective Data Lays a Solid Foundation

Finding areas of improvement throughout a shop is a challenging task. Ask a dozen employees where improvements can be made, and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Many will point to flaws outside their control or point blame outside their own department. That’s why objective data is so important to shop-wide optimization.

By automatically measuring and highlighting areas of inefficiency in your shop, Excellerant ends finger-pointing and cross-team blame.

With objective data in hand, your team can focus on improving teamwork and communication to solve production bottlenecks. “This is the situation; how do we work together to solve it?”

Equip Your Team for Success

Tools are only effective if they enhance the lives of their users. Buy-in is key, especially when introducing new technology to your shop floor. That’s why we’ve carefully designed Excellerant to make each employee’s job easier and more enjoyable.

Excellerant empowers your current workforce with the tools and data they need to work smarter, not harder. By automating tedious and time-consuming tasks, your employees can now focus on areas of greater productivity. Our data-driven insights enable better, faster, and collaborative decision making.


Excellerant automates many tedious day-to-day tasks for operators. By collecting data directly from your machines, operators no longer need to manually count parts or track cycle times. Instead, Excellerant provides real-time production data to support your operator’s true skill – maximizing machine performance.

Our built-in collaboration tools help operators communicate and prevent machine downtime before it occurs. One-tap “downtime prevention” buttons make it simple to request additional materials, tools, or engineering assistance. For more nuanced requests, our integrated chat system keeps everyone up to date, even across departments.

Team Leaders

Team leaders are often responsible for managing multiple machines or even full departments. Without objective data, it is difficult to identify where team leaders should be focusing their attention.

Excellerant’s real-time dashboards and notifications provide powerful insights at a glance. Collaborative tools, such as downtime alerts and operator requests, help your team leaders prioritize which problems they should tackle first.

Continuous (and Collaborative) Improvement

Manufacturers now face fierce competition across a global market. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to stay focused on ways to improve their OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Various continuous improvement models and frameworks have existed for decades. The PDCA cycle, Six Sigma, and Kaizen models are all staples of lean manufacturing. All of these systems rely on objective data to measure success and make adjustments over time.

As we have shown in the last weeks, Excellerant lays a solid foundation for OEE and continuous improvement efforts. Our automatic data collection, machine monitoring dashboards, and historic reports provide your team with the tools required to understand and improve your shop’s performance.

Beyond continuous improvement, Excellerant is designed to inspire collaborative improvement. Your shop should be working as a team to provide feedback and solve inefficiencies. By empowering your already talented workforce, Excellerant is designed to increase teamwork and solve inefficiencies across your shop.

Join us at IMTS 2022 for a chance to win $600 in prizes.

In celebration of collaboration, we’re hosting a free raffle at IMTS 2022! If your entry is chosen, you’ll receive (3) $200 gift cards that you get to share with two of your co-workers. Entry is free at our Booth # 133354, East Building, Level 3. We hope to see you there!

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